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Cancer brings out the best in people

Your eyes are likely scanning up to the post's title right about now.  Go ahead, give it another read.  Yes, that's the best, not the worst.  Many feel that Cancer brings out the worst in people - and I can certainly see why - but I have observed first-hand that it really does bring out the best in people too.

Conversation with my 4-yr old today: 
Me: "My oncologist told me yesterday that the chemo is working really well, and that the tumour is shrinking!  Mom's cancer is going away!"
My 4-yr old: "Yay!  I'm so happy!  Now, what about your tummy?"
Me: <confused> "My tummy hurts sometimes, but that's normal."
My 4-yr old: "No Mom, I mean, what is she doing about your big tummy?  Can she make IT go away?"
Me: <sigh> "Right, I'd forgotten all about my post-baby bulge.  Thanks, sweetie.  I'm afraid Mummy has to get rid of that herself".

Many of you know that I took a huge leap last week and decided t…

Round 4, take two

First, I must excuse my tardiness.  Many of you have been so kindly inquiring and I should have posted last week after my 4th round but I'm not sure what happened. Well actually, I do.  Time seems to have escaped me this cycle and I've been having a hard time remembering things as of late.  Nothing catastrophic, I mean I've not forgotten any of my kids at the grocery store or left the house with the oven turned on, but on several occasions I've forgotten that I started cooking something.  No fires as of yet, but Ellen is no longer allowed to turn on the stove! 

Perhaps less destructive but more self-destructive, I've begun to forget where I'm going when I start a sentence, or what I was about to do when I enter a room.  My catch phrase has become, "what was I doing/saying?".  I know this seems trivial as we all do this.  And if you know me, you are likely thinking, "yup, that's Ellen!"  But I have taken it to an all new level…