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Quality vs. Quantity

I found myself last month frantically racing against the clock to figure out which of the myriad recreational activities I should select for my children this fall.  It was terribly disheartening watching all of the good swim lesson slots being scooped up with every refresh of my screen, and even more stressful trying to coordinate the lessons with our increasingly busy schedule.  Then, just as I had it all figured out, I started to have doubts.  Maybe now is the time for her to start dance classes?  Or gymnastics, I loved gymnastics so perhaps she will too.  Oops, I've forgotten about skating, when does that start again?  Before long, I was mapping out the various activities on a large grid, scribbling course codes into what looked to be some sort of Venn diagram in a vain attempt to make sense of this madness while cross-referencing my Google calendar.  Then, thankfully, reality struck me while I was chatting with an old friend.  I was reminded of a simpler time in my life, a tim…

An Unexpected Journey

Preamble ramble
This is a big post for me, which is why it took so long to materialize.I can’t recall if I’ve ever commented on my writing process, but I typically pour out my posts in one fell swoop as soon as a theme enters my head.It has never taken a great deal of effort or time to record my thoughts, and I look forward to the moment inspiration strikes, always late-evening, well after the sun and our kids have gone to bed.
I’d intended to do a post-rads update in February, sort of a “and that’s a wrap” summary of my active treatment phases.I eagerly awaited the moment when my mind would open up and release its inner goings on.Much to my dismay, February came and went and inspiration was nowhere in sight.I felt a multitude of words pressing on my brain, itching to escape, but a cloud as thick as mud kept pushing them back in.I knew something was amiss as my passion for writing had never before felt like work.This is when I recognized that one of two things was happening: either my m…

Seeing the Light

Not your average tanning salon
Five weeks of daily radiation therapy began on December 4, 2012.  The impressive “Elekta” external beam radiation machine only rests on weekends and holidays, so to date I’ve had 17 of 25 treatments.Here’s a recount of the events leading up to my first treatment, and of the treatment itself.
Setting the stage The first day, dubbed "Day zero", was a preparatory session held in the radiation room.At this inaugural session I became acquainted with Elekta, had a succession of slides (x-rays) taken by her, and spent about an hour lying around while the radiation therapists took measurements and shifted me this way and that to determine the required treatment position.When receiving treatment for your chest wall and axillary, as is the case with me, you lie on your back with your treated arm raised up, back and to your side in a handy armrest.Elekta then shines beams of light across your chest and the radiation therapists shift you around by tugging a…