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And the survey says...

Blessings Report:
See above. Hallelujah!

Does this mean I am cured, in remission or any of the other terms used to describe someone in my situation? Short answer, no, but it means there is currently no evidence of metastatic disease, which is a very very good thing indeed. Scanxiety, you may take a back seat now, buh bye!


Happy New Fear!

Ah, January 2nd!  This is normally the time of year when relaxation is at the top of my agenda.  The buzz and bustle of holiday commitments has subsided, leaving in their wake plenty of time for rejuvenation, reflection and rest.  A New Year promises hope, love and joy, but this year, for me, it rings in another emotion loud and clear, fear.  I’ve wanted to tackle this aspect of post-cancer life in the past, but never knew quite how or when to approach it.  I’ve been open about my experience with breast cancer from the get-go; in fact, that was my objective, to narrate my story in a raw and unedited format.  But I admittedly held back sharing this aspect until now, perhaps out of humility, or more likely, out of fear.  I feared fear.  But when my oncologist ordered a follow-up CT scan for December 31st, I took it as a sign that it was time to delve in to this unpopular yet prevalent phenomenon that we cancer patients refer to as the dreaded, scanxiety.

Before I tell you about the scan,…